Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Torta ligure di riso e cipolla

I learnt this torta ligure from my friend Paola Petrini and she learnt it from nonna Linda, her husband granmother from La Spezia.
I had some left over pasta matta from yeasterday night Fogliata and some onions to use, finally I decided to try this torta. The pasta matta needs to be extra thin, I used an oklava to roll it out (the turkish rolling pin)but if you don't feel as confident can use the imperia machine and roll very fine strips which will be lightly superimposed by 2 cm.
For this torta I weighted the dough and was 78 grams.
For the filling:
80 g of rice
500 g of sweet onions
30 g of grated parmigiano
1 jumbo egg, well beaten
salt and evo

I boiled the rice for 10 minutes, leaving it al dente. I sweat the onion with salt, covered, until very soft. Mix the rice, the onion, grated parmigiano, and add almost all the egg (reserve some for brushing the cake), adjust seasoning.

The dough was enough for a 26 tart ring.
I lined the ring with some parchment paper, oiled it a little, laid the dough, spread the filling and brought toward the center the extra dough, brushed with the remaining egg mixed with some oil. I slid the torta on the preheated baking stone. Cooked for 40 minutes at 180 with a convection oven.
Let cool on a rack.
The pasta matta just works as container. The filling is soft, creamy and tasty.
It's better to serve it at room temperature, not hot.

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