Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Fogliata is a "torta salata" from Umbria. I came to know about it because, some years ago, the recipe and pictures were posted on the forum of La Cucina Italiana by Stefania Girolamini, a member whose family was from Umbria, if I am not mistaken exactly from Spoleto. In the same shape there is a more famous sweet from the region: rocciata di Assisi, known also as attorta.

Fogliata is easy and it turn out to be very good, so it was a wise choice from me to make a mini fogliata, preventing me from eating a normal size torta by myself.

The dough is what in Italian is known as pasta matta: flour 00, salt, very little evo and water. I didn't make a particular soft dough because I used the Imperia to roll out a very thin strip of dough.
Let's say that with 100 g of flour, 2 g of salt, 1 tablespoon of oil and 35 g of water you can get around 3 of these mini fogliate.
The filling is bietole (swiss chards) boiled, coarsely chopped and saute' in oil with a whole clove of garlic, to be removed at the end of cooking. Out of the stove, I added a little bit of grated pecorino.
In Italian with bietole we mean the "coste" and the "erbette". Coste are the one with the big leg, the erbette have a very fine stem. In this case you could use both, but the stem in the coste requires to be cooked separately. In the UK, so far, I have seen only coste.
Once you have rolled the dough in a long strip (or more strips), spread the vegetable in the center, without overfilling the stip, roll the dough and shape it into a coil. Brush with evo and bake in a preheated oven a 180-200 C until golden

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