Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Focaccia Pugliese con i pomodorini

Focaccias in Puglia, where I am from, are our "fast food", there are stores where you can go just for focaccias and panzerotti and you will eat it standing outside with a beer. In any case you can buy warm focaccia in every bakery.
Think, when I was in middle school we had a cooffee place (bar in Italian) right inside the school, a girl in the morning would come and take orders for "pausa", the break, and most of us would order a stuffed focaccia or focaccia with pomodoro and mozzarella. At the break a basket from the bar would come to the class with warm focaccia, panini con mortadella or other stuff, in middle school we were not allowed to leave the classe during the break. Insteresting enough in my area we called focaccia even what in other parts of Italy would be a pizza. If it's taller and baked in a pan for us is always focaccia.
I have seen in the States replicates of this focaccia, the fault in the States is that is too tall making it resemble and taste more like a bread. This need to be cruncky on the side with the good taste of olive oil but still soft when eating.

250 g bread flour (or half durum flour)
190—210 g water
1 tsp salt
1 tsp instant yeast
extra virgin olive oil
cherry tomatoes
dry oregano

Put sifted flour in a large bowl and add salt and yeast, stat pouring water, the quantity of water is not fixed, dipending from many factors. With one arm keep the bowl,with the other start whisking the dough (like for wisking eggs with a fork). It will take about 15 minutes of work for the gluten to develope. Let triple in bulk, about 2 hours and half, depending on the temperature. Preheat oven at 230 Celsius. Pour in a pan oiled with evo and spread with oiled hands. Put cherry tomatoes in half, squeeze the juice over the dough and sink the half tomatoes in the dough. Sprinkle with crumbled dry oregano, drizzle with oil and bake in hot oven, about 20 minutes.
I do take particular care in the baking, brushing again with evo if I feel is necessary. One out of the oven I slide it on a grill and cover with a kitchen cloth.

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Claudia - NY said...

I remember this!!!!! it is gooood!!!!

Franci said...

Ehi Claudia, good to see you here!
If you miss me, or better my focaccia :-), come and visit sometimes!