Friday, September 29, 2006

Uova al pomodoro

This is a dish that we make at home when it's really late and we don't have time for cooking. We generally eat it along with some antipasti, no primo or secondo, with a nice crusty bread.
I like it better with fresh tomatoes (san marzano, perini, or roma, or any other variety suited for cooking). I blanch and peel the tomatos and cut in cubes, finely slice an onion (here I used green onions) and put the onion to sweat with extra vergin olive oil, then add the chopped tomatoes, coarse salt and let in cook. When the tomatoes are done, it doesn't require too long with fresh tomatoes, I break the eggs and nestle in the sauce, add a little bit of salt to the white of the egg.
If you like more, you could flip the eggs over with a spoon, possibly without breaking them, so the are all coated with whites. The yolk need to stay soft.
It would be better to serve in the cooking pan.

I know that eggs prepared in this fashion are called different names around Italy. In Campania I think they are called Uova in purgatorio, we called just uova al pomodoro.
This is such a simple and tasty dish that doesn't suprise me to find in other cuisines, my mother in law, which is shangainese, cook it almost in the same way (may shanghainese food influenced by French cooking?)

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